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Forth, the compiler-oriented language


Racket is my language of choice for pretty much everything now. It's the Lisp I've been always dreaming of: simple at its core while having all the batteries included to work on complex tasks like web development, servers, or games.

It is often described as a "Language-oriented programming language" for its ability to create languages on the fly.

I happen to have another wonderful language in my toolbox, that I reserve for most of the "down to the metal" activities. I would describe that language as a "Compiler-oriented language". It's called Forth.

Forth was created in the 70s by Charles H. Moore, which makes it, in the minds of today's young and fashion-victim devs, a language for dinosaurs.

I've been recently asked to explain (thanks @ambrevar) why I would use this, instead of Racket. So, without further ado, let's dive into the old, dusty and undocumented world of Forth, the language of the dinosaurs. Maybe there's still a place for it in our crazy cyber world (stay if you want dino-cyborgs).

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